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Meet Laura

Laura and her husband Scott made Rapid City their home in 1996 mostly because of their love of the outdoors and desire to raise their family in a wholesome, small-town-feel environment. They have two daughters who will be graduating from Dakota State University in Madison where they are focusing on Cybersecurity and Cyber Leadership. Olivia specializes in Asian Affairs and Abigail specializes in Global Affairs.

Laura says her reason for running for Mayor of Rapid City is, “With the exponential growth occurring, I have a sense of responsibility to improve the municipal functions within our community. We have increased public safety concerns, a housing shortage, and significant strains on our critical infrastructure. We can only find solutions to these challenges by collaborative practices with local stakeholders and active engagement with our citizens. Over these past six years, I have demonstrated solid stewardship and sensible, reasoned judgment. I will continue to listen to our constituents in the next four years as Rapid City moves forward.”

A Strong History

Laura has been involved in several Black Hills communities, whether professionally or as a volunteer.  She represents Ward 5 on the Rapid City Common Council, where she is currently the Chair of Legal and Finance.  Her professional career includes owner of a speech pathology clinic in Rapid City; work as a school-based clinician in the Lead/Deadwood, Custer, and Rapid City School Districts; and contracting as a brain injury rehab specialist with The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center.  As a volunteer, she has spent countless hours with Humane Society of the Black Hills, Rapid City Public Library, The Multiple Sclerosis Black Hills Chapter, Meadowbrook PTA, and South Dakota Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, where she was President from 2012-2014.

A Tireless Advocate for Rapid City

Laura Armstrong volunteering.

Committee Assignments:

  • Legal & Finance – Chair
  • Capital Improvements Projects
  • Community Relations Commission
  • Rapid City Public Library
  • RAP Airport / Governance & Authority
  • Public Works

Proud  Supporter of:

  • Community Relations Commission
  • Monument Arena
  • RCPD body cameras
  • Tower project
  • Elevate Rapid City
  • Two Vision Fund Rounds – 2019/2022 (including selection committee)
  • Downtown Parking Improvements
  • Housing Fund
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Grants Writer
  • Sioux Park Tennis Project
  • Canyon Lake Activity Center pickleball courts
  • Save West Chicago trees
  • Two successful water resolutions
  • Indian Lands Project resolution
Laura Armstrong posing a "Rosie the Riveter."

Former City Liason To:

  • Humane Society of the Black Hills
  • Youth City Council (selection committee and adult mentor)
  • Minneluzahan Senior Center
  • Canyon Lake Activity Center
  • Starting Strong
  • Opportunity Capture Fund
  • Elevate Rapid City
  • Sustainability
  • Parks & Recreation


  • Founding Board President of Journey On
  • Co-founder of Youth City Council
  • Hiring Selection Panel for RCPD/RCFD chiefs
  • Hiring Selection Panel for RCPD Detectives and Violent Crime Reduction Outreach Project Manager
  • Author of numerous Rapid City Journal op-eds
  • Independently hosted dozens of private and public town halls